Oxide 1/10 LED Brushless Stock ESC


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The Elceram Oxide 1/10 Brushless ESC introduces a groundbreaking feature in RC motor control – an LCD color display. This innovation allows users to conveniently configure all parameters and monitor data directly on the ESC, eliminating the need for an external programming card or mobile application. The Oxide is more than an ESC; it's a performance masterpiece designed to dominate the racing circuit.

About the Oxide ESC



Enhance your racing experience with the effortlessly streamlined user interface of this ESC. Its intuitive design features three easily accessible buttons for swift adjustments. On the home screen, you'll find real-time battery voltage, ESC and motor temperatures, profile indicators, and a sensor cable diagnostic monitor at a quick glance. Scroll through post-race data to access crucial information such as temperature, voltage, and motor RPM graphs, and more. This seamless integration of information simplifies tuning, allowing racers to identify and optimize essential data at a glance for an unparalleled racing experience.


Navigating the tuning realm becomes a breeze with this ESC, thanks to its color LCD screen and user-friendly interface. Quick tuning adjustments are seamlessly executed without the need for a program card – everything is accessible directly from the ESC. Offering a comprehensive array of essential tuning parameters, this system stands out for its finely tunable aspects, providing a level of customization beyond standard preset profiles. Achieving optimal performance has never been more intuitive and personalized.

User Friendly Design

The Oxide Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) stands as a pinnacle of performance in the realm of 1/10 racing, showcasing its exceptional adaptability across diverse applications such as dirt oval racing to the precision-demanding Formula 1 circuit. With an unparalleled combination of capability, tuneability, and reliability, the Oxide ESC empowers users to finely tune their racing experience, providing an immersive and superior feel on the track. This cutting-edge technology allows racers to meticulously refine their setups, unlocking the full potential for true racing excellence.


  • A color display with Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) technology, with a resolution of 160x80 pixels.
  • Self-diagnostic before the race: motor temperature, sensor cable, battery.
  • Adjustible RPM limiter for drifting
  • Ideal solution for high level stock to modified racing.
  • Fully programmable all through the ESC without the need for a program card or wireless module.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review