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Race Proven R/C Products

Race Proven R/C Products

Race Proven R/C ProductsRace Proven R/C ProductsRace Proven R/C Products


Russ "Ruckus" Bryant

Just redid the shocks on the B6.1 with this stuff and oh man there butter smooth. Thanks Mike Himanek everyone should use this 

Ford Price

 This stuff works fantastic! 

Ryder Himanek

Super slick, use it on shock seals and shafts. Trans gears and assembly. Great product!

Shawn Bowen

 Great product! Just rebuilt my car and used the grease and what a difference. The trans is whisper quiet and shocks are super smooth. Highly recommend. 

Andrew Daniel

Just rebuilt my transmission in my Kyosho at the AE Championship race and used some Super Slick and my buggy was super quiet. This product is fantastic! 

Austin Horne

Simply amazing how much of a difference this product makes. Shocks are noticeably smoother and transmission is super quiet. 


Larry's Performance R/C

 48825 Van Dyke Rd, Shelby Charter Township, Michigan 48317 p:586.997.4840


My background

Born and raised in Michigan played some sports when I was young but in 1982 my brother convinced me to race motocross fell in love and still is my number one passion. 1985 my grandmother loaned me and my brother a small amount of money so we could start a small retail motorcycle parts & accessories store to help pay for our racing. To this day we both still work everyday at our dealership and still ride and race motocross.  I also coached girls fast pitch for 12 years, raced pro motocross 1987-1992.

How I got started

In 1990 I walked into a hobby shop (Larry's R/C) with a indoor dirt race track , it was small but it was so cool! It was loose, bumpy, rutted it was kinda like motocross track, needless to say it was awesome and I was hooked. I also tried some carpet off road racing also, a little oval at the time too. I also attended CRCRC races in 1991 & 1992 but in 1993 dirt tracks where changing to hard pack clay and I quit. lol Wasn't quite like MX anymore. But in 2014 going through some personal issues and a new indoor RC dirt track opening I returned and brought my son along.  Once again hooked and my son is also!

My specialities

Both myself and son are on the Factory Tracks Racing team! Allen Horne has been a long time awesome friend and competitor. He has tons of knowledge and experience in RC. The team has 20 or so drivers in many different classes and styles. My son who has escalated to be a top regional racer and co-partner in RCONE will help along with the team to help other racers with tips & tricks and also develop new products.