MOJAVE GROM MEGA 380 Brushed 4X4 Small Scale Desert Truck RTR Blue


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Off-road racing puts full-size desert trucks through brutal tests of performance and endurance. RC model versions face their own moments of truth during no-holds-barred bashing. But those from ARRMA come prepared with legendary toughness — including the small scale MOJAVE GROM 4X4 Desert Truck.

With its detailed desert truck looks, the ready-to-run MOJAVE GROM captures the thrills of Baja-style action for bashers of all experience levels to enjoy. Agile and responsive like the 4S and 6S MOJAVE vehicles, the small scale MOJAVE GROM delivers all the performance and durability that ARRMA fans have come to expect. However, you can take this one with you almost anywhere, for amped-up ARRMA bashing fun anytime you like.

Indoors and outdoors, the MOJAVE GROM goes places that are off-limits to larger RC desert trucks. And it’s still engineered to the same high standards as other ARRMA vehicles. No compromises were made when reducing the size. With its smooth handling and tackle-anything toughness, you can be as aggressive as you like when you send the MOJAVE GROM through the corners and over the jumps.

Built for endurance, the MOJAVE GROM survives any punishment you and the environment can dish out. Its strong composite chassis is ventilated to help on-board components keep their cool, aided by a high-speed fan integrated into the electronics. Robust metal gears support the rugged 4WD drivetrain. Oil-filled shocks soak up bumps. A MEGA 380 brushed motor sends power through an enclosed drivetrain to four dBoots Fortress tires that turn it into high speeds.

Even the Spektrum SX110 steering servo has metal gears — and it’s waterproof, like the Spektrum SLT 2-in-1 25A ESC and receiver, for trouble-free operation in any conditions. If you’re a first-time RC basher, the Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT2 transmitter helps you learn control skills safely by limiting maximum speed to 50% or 75% until you’re ready for it all. Recharging the Spektrum Smart 2S LiPo battery is also a snap. Just plug it into the Spektrum S10 Smart G2 Mini 2S USB-C Charger with the attached IC2 connector. In about an hour, your battery is safely recharged and ready for more fun.

The sleek MOJAVE desert truck body comes finished in eye-catching red/black or blue/white color schemes. It mounts to the chassis with a secure but clipless quick-release mechanism that even young kids can manage easily. The wheels are color-coordinated with the body, and high-quality hex hardware is used throughout the vehicle for reliability and simplicity.

You’ll find everything you need to the run the MOJAVE GROM inside the box. ARRMA upgrade parts are also available for expanding its capabilities, including a Metal Axle & Wheel Hub Set (ARA311231), Aluminum Shock Set (ARA-1567), Adjustable Steering Links (ARA340217), and a two-piece, assembled Oil-Filled Differential Set (ARA311193).

Experience small scale RC bashing in a big way with the affordable ARRMA MOJAVE GROM — a bash-ready mini filled with desert truck detail.


  • High-traction 4WD drivetrain
  • MOJAVE desert truck styling with two color scheme options
  • Powerful Spektrum 2S LiPo battery and safe, easy-to-use Smart charger
  • Easy, quick-release clipless body attachment and removal
  • Reliable, high-quality hex hardware
  • Enclosed metal gear drivetrain for all-terrain toughness
  • Updated V2 front and rear differentials
  • Durable composite chassis

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review