Low Profile Brushless HV High Speed Alum Case Servo


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RC One Racing "High Speed"Low Profile Brushless Servo.

High-performance Durable Brushless Motor, 14bit Four-wire Digital High Accuracy Magnetic Coded Angle Sensor, ±1° Angular Deviation, Fastest Speeds 0.03sec/60°.

Programmable Digital Servos, Compatible SR/SSR/SUR/SFR. Suitable for 1/10 scale racing.

The Factory Default "Standard Mode", SR/SSR/SUR/SFR Modes need to be changed through the RCO-619BT Pro programming card to change the working mode of the servo. The remote control must also support SR/SSR/SUR/SFR modes.

This Low Profile Servo suitable for drivers who pursue the Ultimate servo. IP67 Waterproof Rating, All Aluminum Case, Reinforced Steel Oblique Gear and Drive Shaft. Middle and Bottom Shells Increase the Heat Sink Process so the Internal Structure of the Servo Absorbs Heat Evenly and Runs Smoothly. 


  • IP67 Waterproof Design
  • Super Reliable Ball Bearings
  • Extremely Strong Steel Helical Gears
  • High Efficiency Long Life Brushless Motor
  • Body size shortened to 29mm.
  • Compatible with SR/SSR/SUR/SFR.
  • Available for Parameter Programmable via RCO-619BT Pro Programmer

Stall Torque

  • 6.0V@ 12kg-cm (166.5oz-in)
  • 7.4V@ 16kg-cm (222oz-in)
  • 8.4V@ 18kg-cm (250oz-in)

Operating Speed

  • 6.0V@ 0.04ec / 60°
  • 7.4V@ 0.035sec / 60°
  • 8.4V@ 0.03sec / 60°

Idle Current

  • 6.0V@ 15mA
  • 7.4V@ 20mA
  • 8.4V@ 25mA

Running Current (no load)

  • 6.0V@ 300mA
  • 7.4V@ 400mA
  • 8.4V@ 450mA

Stall Current (at locked)

  • 6.0V@ 4200mA
  • 7.4V@ 5500mA
  • 8.4V@ 6000mA


  • Operating Angle:180° ±1°(14bit ENCODER)
  • Control System: PWM Control(1520 uSec in the central point)
  • Pulse Width: 500 to 2500 uSec
  • Working Frequency:50-2000Hz
  • Dead Band:2uSec
  • Operating Tamperature:-20℃~+70℃
  • Bearing: All Ball Bearings
  • Horn Gear Splial: ∅6.0-25T
  • Connector Wire:22AWG 100mm JR Silicone Wire
  • Dimension:40x20x29mm(1.57 x 0.78 x 1.14in)
  • Weight:73g (0.16 Pounds)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review