22 5.0 DC Race Roller: 1/10 2wd Buggy Dirt/Clay


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Assembled to our TLR Race Team's Factory Specifications, the Team Losi Racing® 22 5.0 DC Race Roller: 1/10 2wd Buggy will get any racer off on the right foot and competing for podiums quickly! Factory built and pre-assembled as a Race Roller chassis, new drivers can start racing in less time. Just add your preferred electronics, tires, and paint to make this Race Roller as unique as you. The 22 5.0 DC Race Roller has a combination of features second-to-none including low maintenance gear differential, G3 12mm big bore shocks, revamped steering geometry, and so much more. No matter if the terrain is dirt or clay, the 22 5.0 DC Race Roller is at home on the racetrack and poised for the podium.


  • Pre-Assembled Race Roller
  • Low Maintenance Gear Differential
  • Adjustable Rear Hubs and Inner Rear Pivots
  • G3 12mm Big Bore Shocks
  • Revamped Steering Geometry
  • Super Heavy Duty Slipper (SHDS)
  • 2.0 Milled Aluminum Chassis
  • 22 5.0 Body
  • TLR Front Wing Included
  • Diff Height Adjustment
  • Front Roll Center Adjustment
  • 3-position Front Camber Block
  • New Battery Hold Down
  • Optimized Composites
  • TLR 6.5" Rear Wing
  • Built-In Motor Fan Mount
  • Laydown Configuration
  • All Metric Hardware

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review