Technical Properties


Color: Translucent

Texture: Smooth, Translucent

Thickener: Anhy Calcium

Worked Penetration: 290-320, ASTM D-217

NLGI Grade: 1.5, ASTM D 217

Drop Point, °F: 250 Min., ASTM D 2265

Weld load, KG: 314, ASTM D 2596

Timken OK load, Lbs: 44, ASTM D 2509

Oxidation Stability, 100 hrs, PSI drop: 5, ASTM D 942

Rust Protection: Pass, ASTM D 1743

Water Washout, %: 4.5, ASTM D 1264

Oil Seperation, % wt: 3.7, ASTM D 1742

Temperature Test (-3° F): 500 PSI, Lincoln vent meter

Temperature Test (-55° F): 1700 PSI, Lincoln vent meter


Operating Temperature Range

250° F to -10° F

These properties are typical of the current production. Variations in color and appearance that do not affect product performance are to be expected depending on blending and manufacturing locations. The information above is subject to change without notice.

Health and Safety: This product is unlikely to have any adverse health implications or safety hazards when used for its intended application. 

Super Slick Light Grease Incompatibility:
•Not for use on copper parts
•Not for use on EPDM rubber